Hacking Culture Bootcamp

If you enjoyed the last “Hacking Heritage” event and are now looking for the next hackathon experience, take a look at the Hacking Culture Bootcamp. Kelly Mostert from the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid just informed us about the event – and it looks super interesting:

Are you a true storyteller, a lover of culture and interested in innovative multi-media platforms? Join the Hacking Culture Bootcamp to create new multi-screen experiences and win an intensive business workshop in London, hosted by the British cultural entrepreneurs behind Remix!

Culture heritage = engaging stories
Bring history lessons alive, make games for the museum, or play with art in a public space. Anything multi-screen is possible! We are offering you the chance to develop your innovative ideas, together with a team of strong thinkers and expert makers.

A new playground for content developers
Play and experiment with thousands of items from Europe’s most compelling digital collections, also known as Europeana. You will have access to the entire Waag Society’s Fablab. Do you want to create a prototype? No problem. You can make use of all the machines, from 3D printers to laser cutters. The Hacking Culture Bootcamp is part of the Europeana Space project.

Participation is free of charge. We only ask that you write a short motivation. The participants of the Bootcamp will be selected before the 1st of March. More background information, preparation & skills and registration can be found here.

Friday, 2015, May 8 – 4:00pm to Sunday, 2015, May 10 – 4:00pm

Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

Thanks for Hacking with us!

We would like to thank you all for participating in the first “Hacking Heritage” hackathon. Our event brought together people from very different fields: hackers, designers, arts and heritage and media culture students, developers, architects – who were all likewise interested in developing creative projects, tools, and prototypes together.

Hacking Heritage – Cultural Hackathon Maastricht, January 2015

It was great spending the weekend with you at the Continium Discovery Experience Maastricht, to realise projects together and to get inspired by each other’s knowledge, skills and ideas. Hopefully, you enjoyed these two days as much as we did and we might see you again for another “Hacking Heritage” event.

A big thank you also goes to all those people who supported us with the organisaton of our hackathon and especially to Fabian, Patrick and Egid who contributed with their inspiring talks!

The creativity and the commitment we saw at the hackathon really seemed to reflect the Jaar van de Mijnen slogan: in Limburg, “ideas are the new coal”. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and making this hackathon such a great, open-minded event.

Annika & Karin
Maastricht University

Social Beta

Martijn & Maurice

Continium Discovery Center

Hackathon Participants for February 7-8, 2015

Just a few more days to go and we will get started with our hackathon. To give you an impression of the people you will meet and with whom you might create a project together, take a look at the list of participants below (first names only).

Annelie (Arts & Heritage student, interested in augmented reality exhibitions), Theo (digital media scholar, designer), Karl-Johan (designer), Patrick (ACKspace Heerlen), Lisa Marie (Media Culture student), Lauren (Media Culture student), Danny, Michel, Chris (+1), Roel, Martijn (all ACKspace), Mirthe (Media Culture student), Maren (Media Culture student), Colin (industrial designer, artist, product developer), Sven (developer, designer, interest in video editing), Rob (architect, interested in visualization of mining sites and the interactive accessibility of both aboveground and underground activities), Joshua (ACKspace)

We can still take on two registrations. If we receive any more registrations afterwards, we will add them to a waiting list (in case there are cancellations).

Ideas and planned projects

You have an idea for a hackathon project which you would like to share here? We would be happy to hear about it! Please feel free to post it as a comment under this post. It would be great for all participants to see whether some of you have a project in mind already. We can also invite you as author to the blog, if you would like to write a post about your project. Please get in touch with Annika in that case.

Cultural Hackathon Maastricht – Schedule and Update

The hackathon at Continium Discovery Experience in Maastricht is coming up. Great if you already registered for the event! If you haven’t done so yet, you can still register here.

The hackathon will start on Saturday morning, February 7 at 11h. The building at Boschstraat 30a will be open for us until 21h. On Sunday, February 8, we will start at 11h again and the event closes with a borrel around 16h. We can stay in the building until 17:30h that day. We organised drinks and lunch for both days as well as dinner for Saturday.

As inspiration, at the start of the event, Patrick Paumen (ackspace Heerlen), Fabian de Kloe (M2015), and Egid van Houtem (Social Beta) will show hacking/art projects which they created. For those of you who are not familiar with hackathons yet, we will offer a short workshop that helps you getting started. Feel free to join the workshop or start working on your project directly.

Regarding practicalities: the map below provides an overview of the venue and shows parking options. Unfortunately, you will have to walk a bit in order to avoid paying for parking space. The Sphinx parking is close by, but you would have to pay (12€ per day). We are currently trying to figure out if there is anything else we could suggest/offer to make this easier for your. If you come by train: the station is in walking distance (10 minutes).

We have 18 registrations so far and we would like to give everybody an overview who registered: hackerspace members, Arts and Heritage and Media Culture students, artists, (game/industrial) designers, and students from the iArts academy. There are 6 spaces available still. Please spread the word! Moreover, we created a blog post regarding planned projects. If you have an idea for a project already, it would be great if you would share it here.

Hackathon Registration – Now Open!

The registration for our cultural hackathon in Maastricht is now open! The event will take place February 7 and 8 (Saturday/Sunday). You can register here.

During the hackathon, we will create innovative, digital projects related to Limburg’s mining heritage: how can we show material and visualise data related to the mining history of the region? Did you always want to create an app, design an augmented reality game, build an interactive installation, and work together with creative people on a digital project? Bring your ideas, laptops, smartphones, any material you would like to use, and join us on:

February 7-8, 2015 at the Continium Discovery Experience in Maastricht (Boschstraat 30a, 6211 AX Maastricht).

This hackathon is not only for programmers: we invite people from various backgrounds and with different interests to join us – hackers, students and professionals from arts and heritage, media culture, design, computer science, or engineering are all likewise welcome!


The hackathon will start on Saturday morning, February 7 at 11h. The building (Boschstraat 20a) will be open for us until 21h. On Sunday, February 8, we will start at 11h again and the event closes with a borrel around 16h. We can stay at the Continium Discovery Experience until 17:30h that day. We organised drinks and lunch for both days as well as dinner for Saturday.

“Hacking Heritage” at the DRIVE Festival in Eindhoven

Last week, we presented “Hacking Heritage” at the CLICK.NL DRIVE festival at the NATLAB in Eindhoven. Karin and I were invited to join the “Smart Culture” panel which discussed challenges at the intersection of digital technology, audio-visual aesthetics, GLAM institutions and artists.

The DRIVE festival is a CLICKNL initiative: it provides a platform bringing together practitioners in research, design and the ICT sector. As part of our “Smart Culture Panel”, Helen Westgeest (Leiden University) presented her research on contemporary art as critical reflection on visual communication. She discussed how her insights could be relevant to creative media labs and audiovisual think tanks. Katia Kwastek (VU Amsterdam) suggested the notion of “(Sm)Art Audiences” in order to think about societal benefits of aesthetic knowledge. Since the panel was also used to present and discuss aspects of the CLICKNL initative, Martijn de Waal (UvA,University of Amsterdam) raised the question which sections and sectors were still missing in current funding schemes. He also presented the KIEM project “Hackable Metropolis Amsterdam” – a project which we also find very interesting in the light of a recent ‘rehabilitation’ of hacking and its frequent use in various contexts.

If you were not able to join the DRIVE festival, but are interested in our presentation, take a look at the slides: Hacking Heritage at the DRIVE festival. We met many interesting people and were particularly happy to hear about their questions and to have really insightful discussions after our talk. Thanks to everybody who joined and helped organising this event!

Coming Up: Science Hack Day Eindhoven

The Science Hack Day in Eindhoven is coming up soon. If you are interested in participating in this event, you can still sign up via eventbrite. The hackathon takes place at the Gaslab in Eindhoven from 30-31 August 2014. Tickets are free and the event language will be English.

If you cannot join the hackathon: we will make sure not to miss this exciting event and will blog about our visit there.

Not sure what to expect of a Science Hack Day? Take a look at this video from last year’s event in San Francisco:

The Science Hack Day Eindhoven is organised by the MAD emergent art center: a “Laboratory, platform and provider on the intersection of art, science and technology delivering open innovation for social creativity”.

“Underbelly” – Narratives of Women in Mining

The project “Hacking Heritage” was originally inspired by a recent initiative in Limburg: the “Year of the Mines 2015“. Part of this is the “Hack the Mines” initiative which combines contemporary practices related to digital technologies with the region’s mining heritage.

Screenshot: “Underbelly” by Christine Wilks

We soon stumbled upon more efforts to present mining histories by drawing on digital technologies and visualisation. The project “Underbelly” combines narratives and visual material, representing the life and work 19th century women who were employed in underground mining. Take a look at the project!



Hacking Heritage: Kick-off

This week, we received the great news that our project “Hacking Heritage” has been granted by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). In this blog, we will share and discuss our research results as well as material which we will discovery during the upcoming year. The project will investigate how hacker and maker communities are involved in events offered by cultural institutions in Limburg. In particular, during the upcoming regional “Year of the Mines 2015”, we will have the chance to investigate events bringing together mining heritage with hacking and making practices.

The project is a collaboration between the Betawerk ICT company, the Social Beta Foundation (Heerlen), the Continium Discovery Center Kerkrade and Maastricht University. Dr. Karin Wenz and Dr. Annika Richterich (Maastricht University) will investigate how hacker and maker practices can be combined with cultural heritage events.