Last week, we presented “Hacking Heritage” at the CLICK.NL DRIVE festival at the NATLAB in Eindhoven. Karin and I were invited to join the “Smart Culture” panel which discussed challenges at the intersection of digital technology, audio-visual aesthetics, GLAM institutions and artists.

The DRIVE festival is a CLICKNL initiative: it provides a platform bringing together practitioners in research, design and the ICT sector. As part of our “Smart Culture Panel”, Helen Westgeest (Leiden University) presented her research on contemporary art as critical reflection on visual communication. She discussed how her insights could be relevant to creative media labs and audiovisual think tanks. Katia Kwastek (VU Amsterdam) suggested the notion of “(Sm)Art Audiences” in order to think about societal benefits of aesthetic knowledge. Since the panel was also used to present and discuss aspects of the CLICKNL initative, Martijn de Waal (UvA,University of Amsterdam) raised the question which sections and sectors were still missing in current funding schemes. He also presented the KIEM project “Hackable Metropolis Amsterdam” – a project which we also find very interesting in the light of a recent ‘rehabilitation’ of hacking and its frequent use in various contexts.

If you were not able to join the DRIVE festival, but are interested in our presentation, take a look at the slides: Hacking Heritage at the DRIVE festival. We met many interesting people and were particularly happy to hear about their questions and to have really insightful discussions after our talk. Thanks to everybody who joined and helped organising this event!

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