Cultural Hackathon Maastricht – Schedule and Update

The hackathon at Continium Discovery Experience in Maastricht is coming up. Great if you already registered for the event! If you haven’t done so yet, you can still register here.

The hackathon will start on Saturday morning, February 7 at 11h. The building at Boschstraat 30a will be open for us until 21h. On Sunday, February 8, we will start at 11h again and the event closes with a borrel around 16h. We can stay in the building until 17:30h that day. We organised drinks and lunch for both days as well as dinner for Saturday.

As inspiration, at the start of the event, Patrick Paumen (ackspace Heerlen), Fabian de Kloe (M2015), and Egid van Houtem (Social Beta) will show hacking/art projects which they created. For those of you who are not familiar with hackathons yet, we will offer a short workshop that helps you getting started. Feel free to join the workshop or start working on your project directly.

Regarding practicalities: the map below provides an overview of the venue and shows parking options. Unfortunately, you will have to walk a bit in order to avoid paying for parking space. The Sphinx parking is close by, but you would have to pay (12€ per day). We are currently trying to figure out if there is anything else we could suggest/offer to make this easier for your. If you come by train: the station is in walking distance (10 minutes).

We have 18 registrations so far and we would like to give everybody an overview who registered: hackerspace members, Arts and Heritage and Media Culture students, artists, (game/industrial) designers, and students from the iArts academy. There are 6 spaces available still. Please spread the word! Moreover, we created a blog post regarding planned projects. If you have an idea for a project already, it would be great if you would share it here.

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