Hackathon Participants for February 7-8, 2015

Just a few more days to go and we will get started with our hackathon. To give you an impression of the people you will meet and with whom you might create a project together, take a look at the list of participants below (first names only).

Annelie (Arts & Heritage student, interested in augmented reality exhibitions), Theo (digital media scholar, designer), Karl-Johan (designer), Patrick (ACKspace Heerlen), Lisa Marie (Media Culture student), Lauren (Media Culture student), Danny, Michel, Chris (+1), Roel, Martijn (all ACKspace), Mirthe (Media Culture student), Maren (Media Culture student), Colin (industrial designer, artist, product developer), Sven (developer, designer, interest in video editing), Rob (architect, interested in visualization of mining sites and the interactive accessibility of both aboveground and underground activities), Joshua (ACKspace)

We can still take on two registrations. If we receive any more registrations afterwards, we will add them to a waiting list (in case there are cancellations).

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