Annika Richterich, Maastricht University

Annika Richterich (PhD) is an Assistant Professor in “Digital Culture” at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She coordinates and teaches courses on virtual ethnography, visual culture, social media, blogging and MediaWiki.

Annika has studied Media Culture and Economics at University of Siegen (Germany) and Sociology at University of Auckland (New Zealand). She completed her PhD in November 2012. Her dissertation discussed the emergence, practices and politics of map mashups: it questions who creates these digital maps under what conditions and how users may react to such innovative digital formats. It is based on a qualitative research approach, including interviews with users as well as producers of map mashups. During her PhD, she received a scholarship from the Graduate School “Locating Media” (University of Siegen). Since September 2013, Annika works at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences in Maastricht.

Her current research mainly addresses two fields:

  • She is interested in the influence of digital technology on epidemiological surveillance, with particular regards to the use of big data (Richterich 2014).
  • Together with Karin Wenz, she investigates practices of hacking, e.g. technology development and learning in hackerspaces as well as project dynamics during hackathons (see

You can also find her on WordPress and Twitter – feel free to drop her a line!

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