Thanks for Hacking with us!

We would like to thank you all for participating in the first “Hacking Heritage” hackathon. Our event brought together people from very different fields: hackers, designers, arts and heritage and media culture students, developers, architects – who were all likewise interested in developing creative projects, tools, and prototypes together.

Hacking Heritage – Cultural Hackathon Maastricht, January 2015

It was great spending the weekend with you at the Continium Discovery Experience Maastricht, to realise projects together and to get inspired by each other’s knowledge, skills and ideas. Hopefully, you enjoyed these two days as much as we did and we might see you again for another “Hacking Heritage” event.

A big thank you also goes to all those people who supported us with the organisaton of our hackathon and especially to Fabian, Patrick and Egid who contributed with their inspiring talks!

The creativity and the commitment we saw at the hackathon really seemed to reflect the Jaar van de Mijnen slogan: in Limburg, “ideas are the new coal”. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and making this hackathon such a great, open-minded event.

Annika & Karin
Maastricht University

Social Beta

Martijn & Maurice

Continium Discovery Center