Coming Up: Science Hack Day Eindhoven

The Science Hack Day in Eindhoven is coming up soon. If you are interested in participating in this event, you can still sign up via eventbrite. The hackathon takes place at the Gaslab in Eindhoven from 30-31 August 2014. Tickets are free and the event language will be English.

If you cannot join the hackathon: we will make sure not to miss this exciting event and will blog about our visit there.

Not sure what to expect of a Science Hack Day? Take a look at this video from last year’s event in San Francisco:

The Science Hack Day Eindhoven is organised by the MAD emergent art center: a “Laboratory, platform and provider on the intersection of art, science and technology delivering open innovation for social creativity”.

“Underbelly” – Narratives of Women in Mining

The project “Hacking Heritage” was originally inspired by a recent initiative in Limburg: the “Year of the Mines 2015“. Part of this is the “Hack the Mines” initiative which combines contemporary practices related to digital technologies with the region’s mining heritage.

Screenshot: “Underbelly” by Christine Wilks

We soon stumbled upon more efforts to present mining histories by drawing on digital technologies and visualisation. The project “Underbelly” combines narratives and visual material, representing the life and work 19th century women who were employed in underground mining. Take a look at the project!



Hacking Heritage: Kick-off

This week, we received the great news that our project “Hacking Heritage” has been granted by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). In this blog, we will share and discuss our research results as well as material which we will discovery during the upcoming year. The project will investigate how hacker and maker communities are involved in events offered by cultural institutions in Limburg. In particular, during the upcoming regional “Year of the Mines 2015”, we will have the chance to investigate events bringing together mining heritage with hacking and making practices.

The project is a collaboration between the Betawerk ICT company, the Social Beta Foundation (Heerlen), the Continium Discovery Center Kerkrade and Maastricht University. Dr. Karin Wenz and Dr. Annika Richterich (Maastricht University) will investigate how hacker and maker practices can be combined with cultural heritage events.